Lesson #5: Follow The Ten Commandments… Of Customer Service

2 Apr

Sometimes the old ways are best.

There are plenty of sites out there espousing tips and tricks for great customer service, but when it comes down to it, the old ways really are the most effective. Be nice to your customers. Pay attention to their needs, and try to deal with them in a timely manner. Don’t contribute to their personal tragedies. Duh.

That doesn’t mean you should always stick with tradition, though. If that were true, you’d still be working on Ten Commandments style tablets, instead of iPad style tablets. Bringing your technology and business practices into the 21st century will keep your business relevant, and be more profitable in the long run. Whether it’s your computer system, your phone service, or anything else your business relies on, embracing the future can only help. Just don’t forget the old ways when you’re succeeding with the new.

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