Lesson #6: Service That Sucks In Real Life Also Sucks On The Phone

4 Apr

Let’s pretend that your phone system is a real person, shall we?

Not a pretty sight. As this strange yo-yo looking thing says, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. However, when your customer calls and you answer with a subpar system, you do get lots of chances to make a bad impression. You would never be okay with bad service from real employees, so why accept it from your computerized ones?

The easiest, most effective path to customer satisfaction is personalization. I’m not talking about monogrammed handkerchiefs or custom-embroidered shirts (that can go wrong too easily). It’s simpler than that. While you might not be able to remember the name of every person who gives you a call, now there are flexible online services that can. Keep your customers coming back to a place where everybody (or at least the computer) knows their name.

One Response to “Lesson #6: Service That Sucks In Real Life Also Sucks On The Phone”


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    […] Everyone has access, so get yourself a website; it will broaden your customer base. Shift your business tools to something web-based; you’ll improve your service. […]

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