Lesson #7: Time to Choose – Landline vs. Cloud

9 Apr

Thinking of switching to a cloud-based service? Need a cultural touchstone to help you make the decision?

You probably remember those Mac vs. PC ads that framed the computer debate as young and cool versus stodgy and outdated. Those ads were specifically targeted to a hip, artistic crowd that would make use of the Apple’s creative possibilities. But if you only use your computer for business – sales, accounting, inventory, etc. – they probably didn’t mean much to you.

The debate between landlines and the cloud is different. Cloud-based service has all the hip, cool benefits – flexible, innovative, consumer-oriented – while also topping the price and practicality of traditional phone companies. Think of your cloud-based phone as the best of both worlds – it looks like Ryan Gosling, but has the brain of Stephen Hawking and the work ethic of Margaret Thatcher.

Actually, I just kind of weirded myself out with that image, so maybe just think of it this way: a cost-effective upgrade for your business.

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