Lesson #8: Don’t Believe the Ads

11 Apr

The TV ads for phone companies always seem like they’re offering just a little too much.

It doesn’t make sense to me. Why is there an introductory rate? Can’t the rate just be the rate? Why is it cheaper if I bundle it with cable service? I know it’s all just an advertising ploy to get as much business as they can, but sometimes they seem no better than the late night infomercial shysters selling electric ab machines and hair plugs.

You can learn from their mistakes, and make your own advertising open and honest. Having a sale is fine, but things like introductory rates can come back to bite you. The most important thing is to have customer service representatives that are professional and friendly – that will help more than any gimmicky ads. You can also help yourself by signing up for a phone service that will help you get and keep clients, with a personalized answering service and lots of other powerful tools.

Remember, unless you’re shilling Shamwows, keep your ads and your customer service simple.

One Response to “Lesson #8: Don’t Believe the Ads”


  1. Cardiologist Pleads Guilty to $19 Million Medicare Fraud Scheme - Berger Montague Blog - Massive Healthcare Fraud Scandal - April 13, 2013

    […] addition to the $19 million Medicare fraud, Katz spent an amazing $6 million on an all-Spanish radio and TV advertising campaign in an effort to usher more patients into his Cardio-Med and Comprehensive Healthcare offices. […]

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