Lesson #11: Be Different

23 Apr

Remember when Apple told everyone to think different? Probably not, since everyone thinks like Apple these days. But “different” is still important.

This isn’t to say you should be different for different’s sake. As the video above points out, some things that are inherently similar can also be different – and finding those differences can help your company succeed. Odds are you’re not the only business in your field. If you were, you’d be a mega-billionaire and wouldn’t be reading this. In fact, there are probably lots of people trying to offer the same basic service you are, and so the key to your success lies in highlighting the differences between you and them. The things that you do better are what will get you customers.

Maybe you have nicer employees, maybe you’ve optimized your technology, maybe you have a catchier jingle – whatever you do different, emphasize it.

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