Lesson #12: Lines Don’t Work

25 Apr

A good customer service rep isn’t all that different from a good date, if you think about it.

Likewise, a bad customer service rep can be a real buzzkill. The tricky thing is, there’s no secret formula or magic opening line that will help you or your employees win a customer over.

If we expand this dating metaphor for a second (it’s not exactly “all the world’s a stage,” but at least it’s relatable), what are the things you look for when you hire an employee? Someone who’s personable. Smart. Funny, maybe. Put together – not necessarily attractive, but someone who shows the ability to take care of themselves. Basically, all the same things that you would want on a first date. The first date attitude is a good thing to keep in mind when talking to a potential client for the first time. That outlook, combined with a good product and tech savvy will improve your customer satisfaction more than any line.

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