Reader Question: When Is It Time To Upgrade?

16 May

The reader questions are pouring in faster than those times when I forget I just filled my Brita pitcher and the top comes off. It’s an imperfect analogy, but there’s no time for a better one! Not when I spent all day digging through piles of reader mail (plus let’s face it, Brita pitchers are hilarious)!

Today’s question comes from Larry in Bethesda, Maryland (home not only to Larry, but also a globetrotting pair of pants).

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Larry’s the one with the hair. (source:

Anyway, Larry’s got a pretty common problem:

How do I know when it’s time to upgrade my work computer? What I have works fine for now, but I’m trying to grow my business and would eventually like to have more capabilities. Is it better to be ready for that growth, or wait until I actually need something new?

Tricky question, Larry. The answer really depends on the time frame and scale of growth you’re hoping for. Technology will help you grow, but if you upgrade too soon you run the risk of your shiny new computer system becoming obsolete before your company has even caught up to it.

That said, I lean toward upgrading sooner. I was never a boy scout, but Tom Lehrer taught me it’s better to be prepared.

Be Prepared

Patches were cutting edge technology when the Boy Scouts started. (source:

Odds are if you’re wondering whether it’s time for a new computer or phone system, yours is already out of date. Even if it’s not a huge problem yet, you wouldn’t be asking the question if there wasn’t some kind of need. A lot of technology – especially cloud-based services – can save you money in the short term while also preparing you for the long term, so there’s not much downside to an immediate switch.

In addition, you can never really anticipate your business’s future; projections are all well and good, but what happens if someone walks in tomorrow with a great opportunity, and you can’t take advantage because you don’t have the infrastructure? You can either turn them down, or say yes and put yourself in a situation equivalent to this.

If you still can’t decide, shares a couple of signs that it’s really time to upgrade:

Your employees are unable to work remotely: You decide to experiment by having a couple of employees work from home, but soon realize your existing system can’t handle it. Collaborating with vendors, contractors or other employees shouldn’t require physical proximity. For small businesses, virtual collaboration tools can be highly beneficial by helping to increase communication efficiency while also offering savings and convenience.

Your infrastructure can’t support the best tools for your business: In some cases, a business needs a major computing upgrade, but often, it’s the small things that cause the most problems. Relying on a relatively slow DSL Internet connection, for example, will hamper your productivity, especially when it comes to using current online services. Running cloud-based programs that require a lot of bandwidth could crash the company’s entire system if their infrastructure is outdated.

Dial Up

What a cute, technologically inept dog. (source:

While your business can probably get by for a while longer with the technology you have (unless you’re using dial-up, in which case it’s a miracle you even loaded this page), it could also be hampering your growth. Anticipating the future of your business is key, and – to make a profound, yet incredibly redundant statement – technology is the future.

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