Reader Question: Kudos For Technology!

23 May

Today’s reader question comes from Stacy in Laguna Beach, CA. She writes:

I own a boutique clothing store. We’re in the middle of upgrading our computers and switching to a different sales program. It makes sense for us to upgrade, but my staff already knows the current system and I’m worried about training them in the new one while still helping people in store. Any advice?

First of all, kudos for taking the plunge and upgrading your system, Stacy. I’m not talking metaphorical kudos, either…


Somewhat delicious and vaguely nutritious! (source:

That’s right, Stacy, I’m shipping you a box of Kudos Bars – the bizarre mixture of candy and granola that only a child who just finished soccer practice could love. I’m not sure where to buy these anymore, but I’ll make it happen. Maybe they’re big in Japan.

Anyway, moving on to your question… there are definitely issues that come with a technology upgrade, and you’ve pointed out one of the big ones: what’s the best way to integrate the new stuff?

The first thing you can do is know the new system backwards and forwards yourself. As the boss, it will really help your employees if you’re an authority on the thing they’re learning. One of the most


A nerd can help. (source:

confusing things about learning new technology is that sometimes it’s hard to even know the right questions to ask. The more you learn about your new toy, the easier it will be to navigate any issues.

Maybe you’re not a technophile (or maybe you are, but you’re the boss and you’ve got more important things to do, like worry about that stinking Spiderman), so you might also think about hiring someone with expertise in the new system, or at least someone who will pick it up quickly. Either way, having a point person for your staff’s questions will make things way easier.


The learning curve for drawing a learning curve can be steep, too. (source:

If you haven’t already decided on your new system, I’d recommend checking out reviews of the products you’re considering. It sounds like ease-of-use is one of your primary needs, so Google your options and see what your peers have to say about the learning curve. You’re also likely to find mentions of the product’s customer support staff, which could be useful in finding a company that will keep working with you after you’ve bought their product. Who knows, there might even be a book or two out there that can guide you on your way (there’s no shame in being a dummy, Stacy).

However you decide to go about integrating this new technology, just remember that’s it’s a big step for your business. There will probably be a few hiccups along the way, so don’t panic. As long as you can find a partner offering powerful business tools, and you do your best to educate yourself and your staff, the upgrade will work out for you.

Even if it doesn’t, you’ll always have your Kudos.

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