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Communication is Key

29 May



The future of customer service communication will increasingly take advantage of online and mobile tools to streamline the communication process and provide options for customers to help themselves through the use of online access to information about common questions, issues and concerns. New tools allow businesses to interact quickly, easily and inexpensively with customers.

RingByName integrates with different software to automatically sync information back and forth between your phone service and your CRM. Sit back and watch the system instantly transfer your customers’ contact information into your RingByName contacts list. Simplifying communication has never been so easy!




The Call Center of the Future

27 May


It’s clear that your company’s customer service simply can’t be ignored. Customers have greater demands than ever before. If you neglect the quality of your customer service you will lose key customers to your competitors. As we’ve found out before, customers are actually willing to pay more for better service and a superior experience.

Learn more about RingByName’s Comprehensive Call Management system, designed to make your team more effective by providing one-click calling and custom notes. It has everything you need built-in to a single convenient screen. Never miss a call and never miss an opportunity again.

A Mobile Planet

22 May


The adoption of mobile devices has spread around the globe and mobile web traffic has increased dramatically as well in the last year. These changes signal a changing marketplace, one that increasingly incorporates these new types of customers and focuses on how to reach them. One way to do that is through your phone system.

RingByName integrates with all leading business CRM and social networking tools including, Google Contacts, Microsoft Outlook and over 20 others. Integration with Facebook and Twitter is coming soon.

The Growth of Mobile Use

20 May


American consumers are rapidly embracing applications on their mobile devices. The spread of mobile use is changing the way we interact in  our everyday life. With so many potential uses for your phone applications, why not use it to better your business?

RingByName includes a powerful mobile app that gives you all the great features and productivity of our desktop application. This means that when you leave the office you still have the ability to see who is calling, make notes and transfer calls to the right person.

Follow Up: Why Persistence Pays Off

15 May


People in business may hope to make a sale the first time they meet a potential customer. But studies show that’s usually not the case. More sales are made when the business has contact with the prospect for the fifth or twelfth time. Persistence is key and it looks like it pays off. If you follow up correctly and at the right times, you are more likely to convince the buyer that you are a trustworthy business that cares about their experience.

For your phone service needs, check out RingByName. Their system makes it possible to know who called every time. What’s more, it enables you to return calls instantly. As a bonus, callers get a ‘we know we’ve missed your call’ email for yet another reassuring customer touch point. Meaningful communication is crucial for your business to succeed, so make sure to follow-up!

Tips for Customer Communication

13 May


Communication is a valuable trait that every business can benefit from. You may have the perfect product or service, but without effective communication, you may not reach all of your potential customers. If  you only view your customers as strangers, you lose a valuable opportunity to make a welcoming impression. Knowing your customers and their needs can strengthen their interest in your business and pay off in the long run.

Make your customer a priority with your phone service. Using RingByName, you’ll always know who is calling. Plus, you can see a detailed call history of each caller so you and your authorized staff gain a huge advantage on how to manage the caller.

Business Networking Simplified

8 May


Business networking can be done in many ways but some are more effective than others. Why not try joining relevant social media outlets or branching out to find new opportunities? Networking can help generate more referrals, increasing your visibility. It is said that word of mouth is responsible for about seventy percent of new business.

Follow up with those you have spoken with with RingByName’s calling logs. It automatically logs all of your company’s incoming and outgoing phone calls. Quickly see who’s called, what calls have been missed and which customers are waiting to be called back. Team members can see what calls have been missed by their department and can quickly act to avoid missing a business opportunity. Learn to network better and your business will reap the benefits.


A Portrait of Facebook and Twitter Users

6 May


Companies currently spend 8.4% of their marketing budgets on social media, and that’s expected to grow to 21.6% in the next five years. Understanding what people do on different social networks is central to effectively using those networks for marketing your business. Having a great relationship with your customers are vital can create success for your business. Do this by using a efficient phone system that integrates with the Twitter and other social media as your channel of communication.

Check out RingByName, a phone service that integrates with all leading business CRM and social networking tools along with other cool features. 

The True Cost of Poor Customer Service

1 May


There is no better way to boost your business than making sure your customer’s experience is better than the competition. According to a customer experience impact report, if you provide a great customer experience, will be more likely to tell others. Don’t roll over in shock, but the truth is many people still prefer communicating by phone versus email and text. So give your customers what they want: interaction with you and your people.

Connect with them in the newest and coolest way possible: VoIP calling. Calling over the Internet is the most reliable way to make calls as well as the most efficient, because you don’t have to count your minutes. RingByName lines receive unlimited calling through the United States and Canada. Transfer calls between team members across the office or across the world while spending absolutely no minutes.

Why Customer Service Matters

29 Apr


Customers are thoughtful about where they do their spending. A great customer experience means that friends, colleagues and family are likely to hear about it. Take care of your customers by giving them your time and attention and they, in turn, will show their appreciation.

Check out RingByName’s desktop application. It is a Comprehensive Call Management system, designed to make your team more effective by providing one-click calling and note-taking. It has everything you need built-in to a single convenient screen. Never miss a call and never miss an opportunity again. When you sign up for RingByName, we create a single company-wide database that keeps track of all inbound and outbound calls. So everyone in the company can sell, service customers, and build important business relationships from any browser.