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A Portrait of Facebook and Twitter Users

6 May


Companies currently spend 8.4% of their marketing budgets on social media, and that’s expected to grow to 21.6% in the next five years. Understanding what people do on different social networks is central to effectively using those networks for marketing your business. Having a great relationship with your customers are vital can create success for your business. Do this by using a efficient phone system that integrates with the Twitter and other social media as your channel of communication.

Check out RingByName, a phone service that integrates with all leading business CRM and social networking tools along with other cool features. 

The True Cost of Poor Customer Service

1 May


There is no better way to boost your business than making sure your customer’s experience is better than the competition. According to a customer experience impact report, if you provide a great customer experience, will be more likely to tell others. Don’t roll over in shock, but the truth is many people still prefer communicating by phone versus email and text. So give your customers what they want: interaction with you and your people.

Connect with them in the newest and coolest way possible: VoIP calling. Calling over the Internet is the most reliable way to make calls as well as the most efficient, because you don’t have to count your minutes. RingByName lines receive unlimited calling through the United States and Canada. Transfer calls between team members across the office or across the world while spending absolutely no minutes.

Why Customer Service Matters

29 Apr


Customers are thoughtful about where they do their spending. A great customer experience means that friends, colleagues and family are likely to hear about it. Take care of your customers by giving them your time and attention and they, in turn, will show their appreciation.

Check out RingByName’s desktop application. It is a Comprehensive Call Management system, designed to make your team more effective by providing one-click calling and note-taking. It has everything you need built-in to a single convenient screen. Never miss a call and never miss an opportunity again. When you sign up for RingByName, we create a single company-wide database that keeps track of all inbound and outbound calls. So everyone in the company can sell, service customers, and build important business relationships from any browser.

How Successful Businesses Use Social Media

23 Apr


It is absolutely essential for businesses to understand why they should be using social media to reach their customers. Social media is a powerful tool that is easily accessible to many people and a great way to build a relationship with with your customers.

With RingByName, your business can integrate over 25 leading CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and social networking tools. That includes, Google Contacts, Microsoft Outlook, and many others. Today, relationships with customers are vital and having a phone system that integrates with them is a real plus.

Top Phrases That Customers Do Not Want to Hear

22 Apr


Smart business owners should know that one of the best ways to differentiate is by going the extra mile with customers. With the general population being frustrated with customer service as a whole, your business can easily turn this around with just a few key changes.

One way to do that is by building better relationships with your customers. With RingByName built in CRM, you can take notes about your conversation right within RingByName while on a call. Then, whenever that person calls you back, you will be shown the recent notes in the desktop application for RingByName. This desktop app also gives you access to contact information, notes, company information, email and it logs all inbound and outbound voice calls.


The Power of Happy Customers

17 Apr


The landscape of customer service is changing rapidly as customers gain more tools to give companies feedback on how they are doing. While excellent service may appear more costly at first, it is one of the best ways to differentiate yourself from competition.  Having loyal and happy customers actually makes your business more effective in the long run.

With RingByName, you can personalize your business. Once a caller uses RingByName and has been identified, he or she is greeted by name from then on. Putting extra attention toward customers and potential customers means more people will chose to stay with your company plus more prospects will choose your business in the first place.

Lesson #9: Retro Isn’t Cool

16 Apr

As Peter Allen tells us, everything old is new again. However, being retro isn’t nearly that cool when you don’t have 20 back-up dancers.

It’s nice to make a retro logo or a retro commercial – it gives some cute variety to your public perception, which can help catch the eye – but you shouldn’t need that kind of gimmick to satisfy customers. In fact, no matter your field, you’ll be able to provide a much better product if you embrace technology. There’s a reason companies like Disney like to appear retro, while simultaneously using insanely advanced supercomputers to animate their movies: nostalgia may be cute, but it’s not going to make you money.