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Lesson #2: What Does Upcharge Mean, Anyway?

21 Mar

You know that stereotypical used car salesman in the polyester suit, hocking old Hyundais with luxurious upgrades like “air conditioning?” Well, these days it seems like he works for the phone companies.

We’ve all been roped in by special phone offers – bundles, low installation fees, and the like. In the end, it always seems like you’re dealing with the guy on the used car lot, decked in plaid and sporting a bad comb over. You pay more than you wanted for things that should be included.

Fortunately, RingByName is here, and actually includes those things that should be included – free IP phones, a virtual receptionist, a handy mobile app. Head on over to get a quote, completely comb over free.

Lesson #1: Your Customer Has a Name. Remember It.

19 Mar

How many times have you called a customer service center, only to get the feeling that they just don’t care? Whether it’s a botched name, repetitive questions, or repetitive botched names, it’s easy to make a customer feel like they’re stranded on a desert island with nothing but a volleyball and holding music for companionship. For example…

Nothing’s worse than getting your customer’s name wrong. Well, maybe losing that customer to a hot, new startup endorsed by Snooki and Honey Boo Boo would be worse. But while you can’t control reality TV stars, you can control your customer service.

RingByName’s cloud-based platform offers powerful business phone services, but lets you avoid the monolithic phone companies. With tools like Customer Relationship Management – which allows you to take notes on your caller’s name and history – you can be assured that you’ll always have the most accurate, up-to-date information at your fingertips (though we can’t assure you Snooki won’t have it, too).