Lesson #15: Treat Every Customer The Same

7 May

You know the guy who said not to judge a book by its cover (if you don’t, you should get more well-versed in cliches)? Well, he probably didn’t work in customer service.

After a while interacting with customers, you’re sometimes able to know them right when they walk through the door – their mood, what they want, if you can help them, etc. However, if you want to really excel at customer service you should treat every person as a blank slate waiting to be helped. It’ll help you solidify your service procedures and principles, and – if you do it right – also help with customer satisfaction. Just about everyone will appreciate a friendly, bright-eyed welcome from your rep, so even if you can’t help them maybe they’ll come back another time.

It’s easy to get jaded and make assumptions in customer service, but if you can avoid and offer efficient and effective service, it will help your business grow.

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